Mounting eMMC to SD Adapter

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Mounting eMMC to SD Adapter

Post by vortex »

Hi everyone,

I desoldered an eMMC to save my data from it.
This is the exact type of the eMMC: ... cturerId=0

I desoldered it using a rework station. Quite sure it should still be ok.
Then connected
eMMC pin - micro SD adapter pin
DAT1 - DAT 1
Vss - Vss
Vcc - Vdd

Did I do anything wrong with the transition from MMC to the microSD adapter?
Vssq and Vddq don't have to be connected?
Or can I drop all the other DAT lines and only use DAT0 and need to connect Vssq and Vddq, as I don't understand the reason of ..q lines.

Thought this might be the right place to post, even though its not a GTV:)

Hope that's ok.

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Re: Mounting eMMC to SD Adapter

Post by danilojc »

what I understood about this, is that:
1 - eMMC has 8 data lines while SD has 4 data lines. So there is no way to connect all datalines. Then you need to test if SD adapter can work with 1-bit data transfer, and if positive, connect just D0.
2 - SD card works with 3V, and eMMC works with 3V at VCC and 1.8V at VCCq. So you need to provide these levels of voltages to VCC and VCCq externally;
3 - Sometimes is needed to use pull-ups resistors at CMD and D0 pins.
4 - I saw that reset pin need to be putted in high level, but usually this pin position is not shared in ISP pinout, so maybe this is not so important...

I also tried to extract data from eMMC chips but got no success on that... maybe there is some other hidden information to perform it? Anyone can help?
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