Service Manual for 32LB650V-ZN

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Service Manual for 32LB650V-ZN

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Just close to January 1st I bought this TV to find out a way to extract the encrypted and signed key-file in order to unpack the signed and encrypted .epk which updates its firmware manually if you don't have internet access.

I have opened the back of the TV and took a closer look at the motherboard to find where the UART is located so I can connect to it.

JTAG for CPU is found, but I don't have the proper equipment to dump the EEPROM yet.

Yes, there is a Hackerspace nearby, but they don't have the proper equipment as well.

So, now all I need is to get the Service Manual to see schematics.

I found it on some site for Service Manuals, but it costs $25 and I don't even know if they're trustworthy.

Is there anyone that can assist me in finding the book or a PDF-version of it?

I already have the user manual so that's not needed.
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