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Hisense 55H6SG

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2014 3:24 pm
by mrmikey05
I just recently bought this TV and was wondering if there's any rooting for it? I wanted to run some apps that required root. As I can see, the pulse is rootable but will that work with this TV?

Re: Hisense 55H6SG

Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 5:13 am
by mrmikey05
Ok, well, no one reply to my needs so I did my own research. It wasn't easy at all because there is no tutorial or anything about ROOT for this TV at all. I took the risk and successfully got it to work. So I'm going to write it down in this post so if anyone in need of it like I did can find the answer to it.

The reason to rooting is to use sixasix for my PS4 controller. If you didn't know, it required root. And yes, it's to play emulator like snes, gba, etc with PS3/4 controller.

Disclaimer: Do it at your own risk. I don't hold liable for what you do to your precious tv. You do it at your own will.

To root this 55h6sg Hisense Vision TV, you need to download a program on your computer called "Cydia Impactor." You can do download it from their website:

Install it and run it. At the top menu, click on "Bridge" and then "Connect."
On your TV, click Setting, WIFI or Ethernet, whichever you use. Find the IP address of your TV and type it in to Cydia Impactor.
Make sure on the drop down list, it show "#drop Super su to /system/xbin/su"
Press start and let it do its magic.
After if finish rooting your device, go to play store on your TV and download the app SuperSu.
Run the app and choose normal when it ask to update the script.
You're done. Your TV is now rooted.

Hope this help. Took me weeks just to find this simple little trick to rooting this Vision TV.

To help those of you who wanted to use the PS4 controller with the TV, you don't need sixasix as it won't work. Wasted my time. Also the other app called USB/BT something. Non of those app work so don't waste time and money on them with this TV. Sixasix will not find anything regardless of what you do. USB/BT will tell you that you need a bluetooth dongle.

This is what work for me: Go to Setting>Bluetooth and click on "to pair a wireless remote..." under the bluetooth on/off switch. This will turn off your Marvin remote temporarly. On the PS4 controller, hold down SHARE and PS button together until light flash twice. Press back on Marvin remote to activate remote again and scroll down. The TV will find a "Wireless Remote." Click on it to pair. Make sure PS4 controller is still in pairing mode, light flashing twice continously. If it isn't anymore, put it back into pairing mode again until it pair. It should pair. If it don't, keep puttin your remote into pairing mode, with Share and PS button hold together until it flashed. I haven't tried it on a PS3 controller so I don't know if it will work or not.

This isn't it only thing after it paired though. Because the TV doesn't have the keylayout, your PS4 controller won't work properly in emulator. You need to FTP over a kl file to /System/usr/keylayout folder. This required ROOT!! Because you're writing onto a system folder, you need root access to do so. The file is called Vendor_054c_Product_05c4.kl. I dont see any attach button or link on this post form so I dont know how to attach file in this forum. Until I find the attach file, you're going to have to Google it. Once that's done, everything should work properly. I use Root Browser to copy it from the Download folder to /System/usr/keylayout. If you download it on your computer, use a ftp program like FileZilla.

Hope it help. The Hisense 55h6sg Vision TV is a great TV. Fast and fun. Picture quality and Audio quality is really really good in my opinion for $599 Smart TV. XBMC works great on it. Many many good thing about this TV.

Good luck to those of you who planned on doing it. It's not that hard to do. But like I said, I don't hold liable for what you do to your TV.

Re: Hisense 55H6SG

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:29 pm
by philwil007
I recently picked up this TV for a steal from a local retailer. $399 Trying to use your root method, unfortunately the only message I continue to receive is "Unable to connect to X.X.X.X:5555." X's of course in place of my IP. Did you perhaps use a different port number?? Any help at all is much appreciated. FYI... I have tried both WiFi and Ethernet connection methods on the TV with no luck.

Re: Hisense 55H6SG

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 8:51 pm
by mrmikey05
Hmm... for me, all I did was just type in my ip address, without port.

I forgot to mention that you must enable the following:
1. Install from Unknown source (in security if I remember correctly.)
2. USB Debugging in Developer Mode

To enable Developer Mode, go to setting, about, and then click on build 7 time.

Re: Hisense 55H6SG

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2015 4:41 am
by philwil007
Thanks, I will give it a try.