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Re: Help Rooting

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konga wrote:I just recieved my Pulse and trying to root it. When I got to "adb root" it says "adbd cannot run as root in production builds". Does that mean I won't be able to root it? I havent update
It probably came updated like mine. MASTER.user.hisense.20130607.190756 (BOXv3_3.43a.SPS21006)

Update History (

MASTER.user.hisense.20121122.124750 (BOX_2.22a.C0920_E_release) - Launch version, shipped on the box
MASTER.user.hisense.20121212.182643 (BOX_2.31a.C1204_E_release) - First OTA (12/31/2012). Removes root. Do not update to this. Download
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