Cube being shut down by hackers

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Cube being shut down by hackers

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I have just purchased an Asus Cube which I got on Dec 3rd 2013. Almost as soon as I connected, it was getting hacked. Now I tested after a while, because not only were hackers having fun using the interface, taking control of my pointer, but very quickly, they were shutting down the device (I am quite sure). Now I have tested thoroughly unplugged from the internet, and it never crashed, worked awesomely and perfectly for hours.

Now, to put you in context, my computer is hacked all the time. The people or community that hacks me appear to want to torment me more than anything else. Defend me from reading some material online, block my comments on websites, sometimes crash my computer when I do something they don't appreciate like criticizing Politically Correct abuse, or "Free Markets" fan club culture, (big afficionados of the financial markets, every bad day on wall street is accompanied by a series of brutal attacks on my computer). I have build a very solid bunch of enemies on all sides of the aisle, right and left, but also up and down, and front and back. Does not give me much option in terms of motion and freedom of thought, motion and emotion...

Now, I have ways to test if my computer is behaving badly by itself, or if "something" outside is taking control of it. A few provocation, certain research themes, etc...and you can see retaliation as punishment take course.

So, on the first night, everything was going fine until I hit an article on journalist/anchor Bashir, and then my Cube shut down. So I progressively tested to see if the Cube was crashing by itself, or being shut down from the outside (through internet hackers of course). And I am quite sure this is the work of hackers, the timing is betraying them. But I have no way of defending myself, so they are quite arrogant.

Yesterday, the 5th of Dec, I found your website, and last night loaded the CubeRoot, hoping it would have some positive effect, but after provoking my tormenters, to check, it did not take long for the abuse to start, 20 shut downs in 1 hour, the same this morning.

Now, I am not a Geek, but try to get familiar with the tools I use.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Consider that those hackers are probably quite versed, and tormenting me with my internet usage is just a game for them. I cannot offer much resistance, I am not a Geek at all.

Otherwise, I must say that I was quite pleased with the Cube, I use it more like an Internet device, than for videos, it is a cheap way for me to access the internet from another room on my TV. (You see, I don't have other devices, techno gadgets, simply an internet connection, and a Land phone line). I only use free stuff, don't spend cash on all they sell. I am that kind of "Scrooge". I was hoping that Asus would work on an Over-The-Air TV access, instead of cable and satellite only. They may offer such possibility in the future, they inferred to me. I know that SiliconDust is making a small wireless TV OTA Qam tuner device called the HDHomeRun, and some have created a Google TV app that allows the HDHR tuner to be used on GTV devices, the Visio, the Sony, the NeoTV, but not the Cube yet. I aim patiently waiting.

Anyway, it is a great device, just read they will upgrade and change the name to Android TV on an Up-scaled platform 5 I believe. They say it will dramatically improve the device, its flexibility and get rid of the bad image created by the early critics that apparently killed its marketing momentum; and so, I wanted to thank you, the GTVHacker Team to somehow take your time to make our internet transits safer.

Thank you.
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Re: Cube being shut down by hackers

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Hey sorry its a little late but hopefully by now you have solved the problem. If not it sounds it is probably someone who is using you internet connection using some sort of sniffer and program to cut your devicesespecially since it happe.ed to your brand new gtv. Hopefully this helps. Its probably some punk kids living next store or something. Try changing your routers password.
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