Tips for Co-Star Owners

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Tips for Co-Star Owners

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This is for those 12 of you out there that actually own this (since this forum seems deserted)
and might have a hard time doing some tasks,
I figure I might as well share what I discovered thus far from tinkering with the device.

If you owned a Logitech Revue you probably know these first ones.

simple stuff
- sideload by enabling unknown sources in the settings for apps
- install certain apps that don't work by installing 'rotation locker' and setting it to landscape
- buy ViMu app to play different media formats, or use the free aVia app (from the play store)
- use amo navi-x app for streaming stuff (need the preceding app to view streaming media)

in case you don't know how to sideload
you can probably skip these steps and do it from a flash drive and file manager,
but I haven't bothered trying that,
its a hassle to connect a usb each time I want to install something
- get a cloud storage account (box, dropbox, whatever)
- install their android app on your android phone
- use androzip file manager to make a backup apk (of your apps, including the one for cloud storage)
- upload that app to your account
- use the browser to download the apk and install, use that for future sideloads
- sideload the rotation locking app first from the browser, so you can run apps like Box

How to bypass stupid restrictions from Vizio

setting homepage for chrome browser (for example about:blank)
- go to your browser, open up your desired page
- add it to your favorites
- go to your bookmarks page, and hold the select on that page
- at the bottom, you should see the option to set it as homepage

how to use apps without google account logged in
- replace the home launcher with Open Launcher for Google TV from the play store
(remove your account afterwards; and make it your default launcher obviously)

access vanilla system settings because you can't turn off sound effects from vizio's settings app
- open widget app, press menu and then settings... voila
hopefully they won't remove that in a future update,
they better remove all these arbitrary restrictions for jelly bean update

Stuff I don't know how to do

Need help with the following
- turning on/off Set-Top Box without a separate remote (example: directv)
vizio didn't bother including a button for that...
and shame on google for not including it on the google tv remote app either...
at least there is now a way of turning the device off (can't say the same for the revue)

If anyone else has any other tips, feel free to share.
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