[Sony Gen1] [Tutorial] Removing the GTVHacker startup splash

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[Sony Gen1] [Tutorial] Removing the GTVHacker startup splash

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In order to remove the GTVHacker splash screen from the initial bootup of your Gen1 Sony device your device will need to be rooted. If you have already upgraded away from root, you will need to re-root before you can change the splash. The following instructions are assuming that your device is already running an "Unsigned Kernel".

1.) Download the following file from either of the 2 mirrors:
http://flashmirrors.com/files/0qxmo5jqg ... 480.bmp.gz

2.) Connect to the device using substituting "<ipofdevice>" with the ip of your device.
adb connect <ipofdevice>
3.) Upload the downloaded file to your box substituting "<locationoffilelocallly>" with the location of the file on your computer
adb push <locationoffilelocallly> /tmp/sony_logo_480.bmp.gz
4.) Connect to your box through ADB using the following command:
adb shell
5.) You should now be at a command line prompt starting with a "#", (if you instead have a "$" and "su" doesn't work your device is not rooted!)

6.) Execute the following commands one at a time:
mkdir /tmp/spe2
mount -rw -t vfat /dev/Glob_Spectraa2 /tmp/spe2
cp /tmp/sony_logo_480.bmp.gz /tmp/spe2/sony_logo_480.bmp.gz
umount /tmp/spe2
Your device will now show the original splash screen.

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