Help with Sony BDP-S1700 Blu-Ray player

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Help with Sony BDP-S1700 Blu-Ray player

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Searching the internet lead me to your Sony BDP-S5100 hack. Thinking the vulnerability might exist in my player as well, I attempted to use it on mine. It did not result in telnet to the BDP-S1700 being available, but looking at the folder on the flash drive afterwards shows that the file "vudu.txt" had been deleted.

I suspect that the vulnerability exists, but that the script needs to be modified to be specific to the BDP-S1700 for it to work. As with the BDP-S5100 the GPL software for the player is available at:


Unfortunately I don't know which of the code to inspect to determine how the script can be modified for it to work on the BDP-S1700 I have. Can someone take a look and suggest how I need to modify it? Can someone suggest which code I need to inspect and what I need to look for?

Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter.


PS: I had a thought that might assist my efforts, assuming that the script is being executed in place. I have modified the script to dump the mounts and settings to files in the working directory. If this works I should find those files after attempting to run this again. Of course if the scrpt is copied elsewhere to run this will yield nothing.
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