*Force Hulu to work on 1.1.45 build (latest update) 4.6.2014

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*Force Hulu to work on 1.1.45 build (latest update) 4.6.2014

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Got this working with Hulu/Hulu plus about half an hour ago.

Factory reset recommended before performing ANY steps below, you have been warned!

Starting with fresh brand new box. (Or freshly factory reset box)

Connect and set up box, allow it to download updates all the way to 1.1.45 build.


Create primepwn flash drive installer using files from gtvhacker blog post. Use of brand new 4gig or less flash drive is strongly reccommended because of limitations in fat32 filesystem, format as fat32

Run primepwn as per the instructions on the GTVHacker blog post

When completed, do the following:

Go into Google chrome, settings and advanced.

Type in the following custom user agent string exactly as shown

Code: Select all

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux armv7I; en-US)
"armv7I" that last character is the capital letter i

The prime will ask you to restart, restart it.

Go to hulu.com and Enjoy.

You will also notice you get a desktop browsing experience as opposed to mobile everywhere you browse now.

The Google chrome build for the googletv is modified to not allow the typical generic user agent string to work around the check. That is all.

Easy fix!
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