a few questions (newbie)

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a few questions (newbie)

Post by sleepraider »

Hi. I am having difficulty finding some answers to questions, and I thought a place like this for modding type people might best answer my questions.

1. I'm correct in that everyone else is currently running Honeycomb, waiting for 4.2.2, right? I havent missed an update, etc? If this is correct, part 2 is -- can I use a rom to force said update? I see people talking about rooting the phone all over the place. Are there other advantages to rooting besides being able to access hulu?

2. I saw something about programming the colored buttons and creating macros. I'd love to find a way to be able to press any programmable button (I dont care which one) and it open up a specific pandora station and my Accuweather app. I want to do this for my wife in the mornings.

3. I've come across Symbaloo as a bookmarking tool. Is this the standard that "everyone" is using? Is there any other collection of bookmarks that people stream from? Particularly for cable (USA, TBS) and sports (college football addict here).

4. I've seen things for changing backgrounds, but are people able to change more than the background (e.g. layout, themes, overlays for bookmarks, etc).

I'm really looking to customize my gtv and make it work for me. TIA for anything you can tell me. I just got my gtv (Hisense) two days ago and havent been able to play with it too much, but am excited by the potential it has.
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Re: a few questions (newbie)

Post by the.joeba »

This community is mostly dead, along with the hope of further hacks, but I'll answer what I can.

1. Honeycomb is what everyone is on, and there are no Jellybean (4.2.2) GoogleTV devices at this time. There are no roms for this device at all. The only way to get to 4.2.2 is waiting for Google to release the code, and hope that Hisense updates the Pulse.

2. I have not seen or heard of macros for the device.

4. There are not really any themes for this device. You can change the tray shortcuts though.
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