My sideload alternative and some questions

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My sideload alternative and some questions

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Hi I have a few questions I want to ask and in the spirit of exchange I thought I'd share what I've been doing to get apps on my costar that I can't get from market.

Now my method seems to be much easier and does not rely on shared dropbox accounts that tend to go MIA, and it took me about 2 minutes to figure out so that
also tells me I might be missing something as to why it's not just "the way" but I've been using the blackmart app to do my app installs. Anyone else been using that? no root required obviously, and direct download/install.

If your not familiar with the app its in a nutshell the same thing to android market as a youtube downloader is to a browser extension.

Some of the things I'd like to be able to do with my costar that I don't feel are limited by anything other then lack of ability to root or deliberately set by the manufacturer to fisher-price their device to keep tech support calls down, I like most people on this forum feel like my electronics are governed by some sort of Nazi regime where I have to spend hours working around these limitations, youtube vids, forums, guides, sketchy apps etc to do something fairly simple. I understand why some of the wireless companies would do that to protect their networks for security/stability/overuse but something like a GTV box the only person who would have a dog in that fight is my ISP. Anyway I digress :)

Emulation - I'll admit I got this idea from the OnLive support, and my RAZR MAXX is already setup to do this but it would be easier on my GTV, has anyone had any success installing any of the wonderful SNES N64 PS1 etc emulators available? I just tried the snesoid and it crapped out much like the hulu plus app I installed, I've only owned my box for 3 days so I have'nt dug to far in. But I think it would be awsome that for $100 I got a sweet GTV box, a netflix player for my fiance (frees up my ps3) and a neat little mini game rig for oldschool stuff. This leads to my next question.

SixAxis Success anyone? - I have used the sixaxis tool on my droid razr which works great, especially on webtop, I have a nice little setup using my PS3 Controller, and that stupid little mounted keyboard I never got much use out of, and really aside from the passthrough of the cable box that setup does everything and more my GTV does, its just... well it's my phone and I need it to be a phone, when it gets retired thats what it will be doing in my guest room instead of collecting dust. The roadblock I hit was it won't load the driver without root. now I'll admit I have'nt tried manually pairing it yet or even plugging it in directly, but I did'nt see a wealth of info on this subject either so thought I'd ask.

Anyone tried taking the GTV apps and putting them on their phone? I only ask this because pretty much everything I just asked I've had setup and working on my RAZR MAXX, now obviously I know the TV portion would'nt work due to the phyiscal device itself, but I think someone who is handy at rigging cables could easily make it happen, but I'd be more concerned with the interface and remote operation, I am pretty sure you can pair it to your phone, I did'nt go through with it only because I just got costar and was'nt sure what input I could use (ie bluetooth keyboard) and did'nt want to sever that connection just yet. But I was curious if anyones tried running the launcher GTV uses side by side with their phones, or even maybe setup a dual boot partition for those times a stream player might be handy like while traveling.

Thank you for any info provided, and I hope my method helps make life easier for some of you.
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