Logitech Revue in 2023?

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Logitech Revue in 2023?

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So I bought a Revue from Goodwill, with no research beforehand. On the first boot it wouldn't progress past the initial booting screen so I reset it, then found out that resetting it may be an issue with getting past the EULA, but I don't even get that far. The system boots to the "Logitech Revue with GoogleTV" logo and hangs then after maybe a minute it reboots.
So I figure I'll try and reinstall the firmware, but all the links to the firmware I've found are all dead, and the links on the wiki here https://www.exploitee.rs/index.php/Logitech_Revue_Technical are also dead. I did also find a github to potentially get root, but I didn't think it would help me at this time.

So now I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do with this or did I just buy a keyboard (which would be fine)?
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