LINE Clova desk smart display

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LINE Clova desk smart display

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Hello. I am trying to modify the "LINE desk" smart speaker/display from the Korean company infomark.
The information I have researched is listed below. (It is in Japanese so please use Google Translate)
https://wiki3 .jp/SmileTabLabo/page/43

adb goes into engineering mode and can be enabled, but it is blocked.

I found that I can get more debug items if I can enter demo mode as a result of reverse compiling. So I did some research and found that the /system/bin/keyevent program is responsible for monitoring key events and switching to demo mode.
This program performs a factory reset and a demo mode based on key input.

The factory reset is performed by pressing the mute key and the power button for a long time.
However, I do not know the key for the demo mode.

The following is the result of the reverse compilation, but the variable and function names are unknown and difficult to understand.
https://gist.github .com/mouseos/572e24712acda6bc67a376d5228c4ce5/0be47cbda7ebc31e16b1de94d01e6ee0cb3131b5
Here are the variable and function names as best as I can.
https://gist.github. com/mouseos/572e24712acda6bc67a376d5228c4ce5

EMMC dump:https://archive .org/details/if-s-700-n-n-2-g-47-h-dev-keys-7.1.2-n-2-g-47-h-kmqe-60013-m-b-318-5883-a-869.-7z

Could you please help me to analyze under what circumstances the demo mode is triggered? Thank you in advance.
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