Actual GTV (Google FIBER TV) hardware

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Actual GTV (Google FIBER TV) hardware

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Tried search function and human search, found only an off-topic thread from 2014 about the SAGE200 which is what the GFTV devices are (rebranded). But nothing current, no guides. Hoping for something awesome to arise out of this question.

I have Google Fiber with TV (old plan 2015, no longer supported). Most of the hardware involved in these plans has been declared obsolete, so that if a customer decides to change plans or stop service, Google Fiber doesn't even want them to turn in the hardware. Here in my neighborhood the GFHD100 devices sell for $20-35 USD. The GFHD200 sell for $20-50. The GFMS100 and GFRG210 Network/Storage box sells for whatever a used 2T Western Digital Black is worth and the GFRG100 is worth $10-15 (because who wants a router that only support 2x2 MIMO and no WPA3).

Anyway, I kinda like the ancient technology of a sausage remote with 10-key channel selection. Either I'm old as dirt and want things old and simple, or I want to hold a "sausage" for hours on end.... (a little self-deprecating humor). I am tired of paying a "rental" fee on the set-top boxes I currently use. But just plugging a new set top box into the network doesn't work, the GFHD100/200 need to be provisioned to talk to the GFRG.

Google Fiber technical support says I cannot use my owed hardware. I have to rent. (It's a loophole on their end to avoid civil action under H.R. 1865). I have spent 11 hours in chat and on phone with GF customer service because they won't let me talk to technical support. This should be a task of three or four mouse clicks on their end.

The open source for the Google Fiber devices is here:
the domain google is prohibited in posts

Can someone figure out how to "provision" the set-top GFHD100/200?
I can purchase on ebay and ship to someone the required hardware for testing, or I can just donate BTC or XMR to someone for a successful patch.
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