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Google wifi is awesome

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:35 am
by ricardobrooks

I know this is as brazen a product plug as it gets, but I think it's warranted.I spent a lot of time and money trying to improve the wifi in my 2200ft house last year. The main problem was that the internet came in through a closet in one corner of the house, and my wife did not want to run external wiring to a more central location. I ended up using a $200 Netgear router, a $150+ Netgear wifi extender placed near the opposite end of the house, and even a powerline setup to run to my garage where my treadmill TV (for Netflix) was. And despite all this hardware, the internet was quite unreliable in the far corner of the house, often dropping to <5 Mbps, or even worse, getting the wifi cards so confused between 2G/5G main+extender networks that it would just lock up completely until I manually quit out of one network and went to another. My wifi speeds in the far corner of the house would range literally from <5 Mbps to 10-20 most of the time, to 50+ about a third of the time - usable, but totally wacky. The powerline also sucked - would spontaneously quit about 10% of the time and not return for days.

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Google wifi is awesome

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:10 am
by Warneranymn
It helps a lot, my router is in my basement because everything homeruns back there. So wifi on the 2nd floor is terrible.