Welcome FireTV Stick Owners

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Welcome FireTV Stick Owners

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The Amazon FireTV Stick is available and shipping at Amazon.com, if you plan on buying one use our affiliate link to help support the Exploitee.rs network.

Affiliate Link: FireTV Stick at Amazon.com

Otherwise feel free to post your questions, suggestions, etc. here and thanks for visiting.

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Re: Welcome FireTV Stick Owners

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I have the FireTV stick, the eMMC adapter, the transcend usb3 sd adapter, some smd grab hooks, wire, solder, a soldering iron and linux machine.

My soldering isn't too good and I am a noob + a little worried I'll break my nice new stick!

I have looked on the wiki but I wasn't 100% sure which pin to wire to which contact point.

Can you tell me which pins need to connect where?

Many thanks
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