Root successful but ssh to Nest has problems.

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Root successful but ssh to Nest has problems.

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I have a v2 Nest with 4.3.3 and I new to the Nest so I am not sure what I am seeing is normal or not. It keeps the session open to the AWS server and if not events happen, it is quiet and received keepalives from the AWS server which means the session is connected. I can do an arp "who has" and it will always answer. But if I try to ssh to the Nest it won't respond to the syn packet unless it has been nudged by walking by the Nest or causing the web app to send information to the Nest. Then, it will respond to pings or ssh for 5-15 seconds.

The Nest always stays connected and does not lose visibilty from the servers.

If this is normal, is there anyway I can force the Nest to respond to otherwise normal network activity such as ssh? Are there any other options?

Thanks in advance and congrats to the team for figuring out how to gain root access.

For anyone reading this that has problems getting the exploit to work, I'll share my trials. I had to use my cheapest laptop - an eepc with older USB hardware to get it to talk to the Nest properly.

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