Chromecast stream using Ethernet (USB)?

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Chromecast stream using Ethernet (USB)?

Post by irnerd » Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:35 am


Chromecast : its a love hate thing.
Love its ability to play rich content from many sources.
Hate that it clogs up my wi-fi Lan.

Has anyone had time to explore and successfully implement configuration / code changes to use the Chromecast USB socket to receive its stream over Ethernet? This would be instead of using Wireless to stream.

My wireless network is already hungry , cluttered with phones, tablets, laptops. It is spread over a wide distance (30 metres) (already using a wireless extender - making it straightforward for wife, parents, friends to connect to the network with their BYOD).

We are looking to reduce the load on the wifi and moving as much traffic onto wired ethernet (using PowerLines) makes far more sense. I have managed to move everything that streams to a static device (e.g. TV / Speakers) (audio especially) onto the wired ethernet except this hungry little device .

It just seems ludicrous to cram chromecast video streaming on wireless especially as we have a network GigaSwitch right next to the TV where the said chromecast streamer is connected.

Thoughts very much appreciated.


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