The Prime Minister reiterated the use of APEC to link the regional economy of all dimensions.

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The Prime Minister reiterated the use of APEC to link the regional economy of all dimensions.

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General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Participated in the 27th APEC Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leadership Meeting via a teleconference system After the meeting was completed, Mr. Anucha Buraphachaisri, a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office. Summary of the meeting results are as follows:

Tan Zri Dato Haji Muh Yiddin Bin Haji Mohammad Yazzin, Prime Minister of Malaysia As Chairman said that this meeting is the first meeting via telemetry. APEC is a framework for meetings that result in สล็อต cooperation in trade, investment, socio-economic and others on the basis of a common consensus. Within the framework of this cooperation The impact of challenges such as COVID-19 has been reduced. Cooperation will overcome any obstacles.

By defining the main topic this year to Emphasizing that the leaders of the economic zones are aware of their duties to benefit the people. And share it with everyone to benefit from the common economy The Prime Minister of Malaysia has presented three concepts: 1. Multilateral trade based on clear regulations; 2. Promote the digital economy. To help restore the economy and strengthen the people. 3. Promote comprehensive economic development. So that no one could be left behind

Prime Minister of Thailand and national leaders Who attended the closing ceremony By announcing the adoption of the 27th APEC Leadership Declaration (Kuala Lumpur Declaration) through a teleconference system at the Bhakdi Bodin Building Government House 20 November 2020 (Photo:
On this occasion, the Thai Prime Minister made a statement at the conference that today's global context is different from APEC in the past. Both the trade gap Trade protection trend And various challenges In a multilateral system Therefore adjustments must be made on the basis of trade and investment. This is at the heart of APEC and a key factor in regional recovery.

The Prime Minister reiterated that APEC must play a role in advancing the liberalization of trade and investment. Regional economic consolidation As well as strengthening the multilateral trading system by presenting 3 main points that should be addressed:

1. Promote connection in all dimensions. Especially in the digital field to support changes in business models, for example, to promote MSMEs to develop infrastructure. And enhance the ability to create new digital innovations

2. Comprehensive and sustainable growth Will be an urgent agenda And it was a real key to APEC's success in the post-COVID-19 era. All sectors of society will benefit from the liberalization of trade and investment. There is a fair and inclusive regional economic integration.

3. Build an economic and social system resilient to various disruptions, looking at the COVID-19 crisis Is a hidden opportunity It is like raising awareness of being prepared to constantly cope with change. Thailand is pleased to share useful experiences in dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. With the international community

In the end, the Prime Minister confirmed that Will push APEC to continue without interruption Among the obstacles and challenges this year And emphasized that Thailand is pleased and ready to work with New Zealand and all economic areas next year to prepare for hosting the Thai APEC in 2022, hoping that all countries will continue to build up constructive cooperation to convey Intent towards concrete action based on APEC's commitment to three decades and towards the collective prosperity of the region.

In a speech, President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, highlighted the importance of launching a post-2020 vision in which China is ready to build a future together with four proposals:

1. Must be open and inclusive To promote multilateral trade Drive economic cooperation China welcomed the signing of the RCEP in the past.

2. Drive growth based on digital development and innovation to drive new technologies. Including promoting electronic trade

3. Promote connections between each other through the APEC Connectivity Blueprint to achieve success. In particular, promoting the travel of people, goods, funds and transferring information safely China is willing to cooperate through the 21st Century Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) with all parties.

4. Push for win-win cooperation On the basis of mutual benefit In particular, the cooperation on public health, the MSMEs vaccine, will help promote COVID-19 response.

As for the United States, Mr. Donald Trump, President of the United States. He stressed that the world is fighting a pandemic now that the US has supported technology. Especially to produce vaccines effectively And insist on spreading the vaccine evenly

The US has focused on restoring the economy to a prosperous return to the region. Through stimulating the economy by increasing employment Promote production to solve problems and reduce their impact, as well as to build confidence in consumption. It also emphasizes policies that promote growth. By reducing taxes and cutting regulations that are not conducive to transactions. Along with increasing income per household, emphasizing that Ask all countries to support US policy. That will help restore the economy and create more opportunities together, both in the US and around the world.

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