Downgrade firmware version

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Downgrade firmware version

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This is a guide that I would have found really helpful to downgrade the firmware on the Asus Cube. I'd like to see it added to the wiki. I used Ubuntu, but I'm guessing that windows would work just fine too. Cube was connected over ethernet to my ubuntu server

Grab necessary 32 bit libraries if you're running 64 bit ubuntu.

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sudo apt-get install ia32-libs unzip -y
Download and unzip Android SDK

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cd ~
cd adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-20140702/sdk/platform-tools
Connect to your cube (get IP from settings> Network> Status) and reboot it into recovery

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./adb connect <Cube IP>
./adb reboot recovery
Download the firmware to your desktop and put the zip file on a usb stick. Get the MASTER.20130327.094230 version from Rename it to Your cube should be in recovery by now. Plug in your usb stick. Select "Apply an Update from USB". Locate the file from your usb stick and press enter. This will take a few minutes. Once complete, I also made sure to wipe the cache partition and suggest you do the same.

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Re: Downgrade firmware version

Post by speakxj7 »

and it worked? wow. you'd figure the recovery would block downgrades. what version did you downgrade from?

i'm tempted to consider updating and then trying to root the latest cube rom using some newer 'universal' root methods, but i didn't want to end up stuck. if you can downgrade, that gives some hope that I wouldn't. (although no one has the install zip for the factory version, which is the only version that cuberoot works on, right?)

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