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New cube user, veteran Gtv user.

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:08 pm
by havikx
hey guys. just picked up the cube from groupon. ive had a logitech since it went on sale for 99$. i'm a big android modder.

i, of course, ran the key exploit as soon as i got it hooked up. now i have a few questions.

updates are blocked after the key exploit, right? there are updates for the cube. is there a modded version of the newest fireware i can flash with the gtv recovery that is still rooted?
is there an overclock for it?
is there any custom roms?
can i run sixaxis on the cube??
what are some other mods i can do now that i'm rooted? market spoofer will let me see some apps but whats worth installing?
is there a way to install the gtv recovery on the cube without a linux machine?