My GTV100 doesn't work worth crap...HELP!!!

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My GTV100 doesn't work worth crap...HELP!!!

Post by teawah » Thu Nov 13, 2014 1:23 pm

I have had issues from the moment I started using this thing. The biggest issue for now is that chrome won't work. I get a CONSTANT "aww snap" crap. Something went wrong it keeps telling me but it doesn't say what or what to do. Flash crashes constantly and I don't think it's even working. VUDU doesn't open and half the rest of the apps don't work.When I tried to get help from netgear I was told I don't get free help. They said go to the forums but when I typed in the model it says end of life and I get nothing. I just want to use my chrome to stream movies and it won't work for anything. Or should I get rid of this thing? Please help me!

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