Say Hello to the Netgear NeoTV Prime and “PrimePwn”

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Re: Say Hello to the Netgear NeoTV Prime and “PrimePwn”

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I purchased the GTV100. Applied the PrimePwn and it worked flawlessly.

Also, I applied the Chrome browser fix for Hulu. It also works flawlessly.

The only complaint is that, despite being an android system, the GTV100 doesn't allow ALL android apps to be installed. There are several I'd like to use, like Showtime Anytime, other browsers and a few others. Still, it does work well with SiriusXM's app.

Thanks for all who hacked, and all who continue to help us update this player.

Android 1.0
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Re: Say Hello to the Netgear NeoTV Prime and “PrimePwn”

Post by pinginn »

You Need To Side Load APPs Not On Gplay

install "ES file explorer" apps from google play
enable unknown sources
Setttings > Applications > Unknown Sources
copy "" whatever the package name is to usb stick sd card
open ES locate mounted drive "usb/sd" hightlight APK hold down the center red/green/yello/blue track pad scroll down to install and click install. :)

sum apps work sum dont im currintly trying to get a usb webcam app working to use as a security camera.
also if the app dosent support portrait mode it will not work the gtv100 is locked in to portrait mode.

apps i know work are

root explorer
puttv ssh client
lightgrid live wall papper
google voice
google earth (dosenot work altho ewather HD installs and works and it uses the same maps)
all the usb cam apps i tryed donot work i think it the kernel so... if i knew how to mod one i woud
also i am useing an non rooted device so i know this will work on rooted ones.
anyway thats a fue of the apks.

also if you do use this info i take no responsibility for any damage/bricking/locked at loading screen/etc

have fun.

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