Websites that work after Root

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Websites that work after Root

Post by kermit_01 »

Using Google Chrome for GTV with Custom user agent copied from Chrome for Windows 7

Fox - asks for Flash to be installed

Comedy Central - Works

Hulu - Originally it would work for a while then sound would drop out after about 20 seconds. Continued to do this after at least 2 reboots. A day later and another reboot later works but will often begin to stutter during commercials when full screen.

ABC - Large black box over video - audio works fine. Video visible during scroll. If you wait until after the commercial and click at the bottom right hand corner where the full screen selection would be I got clear full video. (sometimes it a takes a few tries to find it)

CBS - Works

NBC - Cycles like it wants to load the video then nothing...

A&E - Works

National Geographic - Works

SYFY - Originally worked as it was one of the first ones I tested after rooting. A day later attempting to load a video crashed the browser. After reopening nothing. No error, but no video.

CW - Works

Cartoon Network - Works

Nickelodeon - Works

--Feel free to add your experiences to the list.
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Re: Websites that work after Root

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Great info!!!!

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