Vizio Co-Star restrictions?

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Vizio Co-Star restrictions?

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Just got my Co-Star, after updating it 3 times (because incremental updates are the best way to go :roll:), and I noticed there is absolutely no way of changing the homepage on the browser, seems really odd. edit: looks like you can only set the homepage from the bookmarks page of the browser. You can't use any apps, without having logged in a google account (must be their skinned launcher restricting access). What is with this draconian restrictions? Isn't Android supposed to be all about being open...unless you run it on Google TV?

On a side note can anybody please upload a copy of ViMu Lite apk? For some reason it won't show up on Google TV play store, and when I try to get it on my phone, it tells me I'm using an incompatible device.

edit: found out how to turn off the system sound effects (the annoying ding for clicking anything), you have to open up the native system settings, not the stripped interface from the home screen. only place I found access to it is from the widget app, press menu key and go to settings
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