USB HD causes GS7 to crash

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USB HD causes GS7 to crash

Post by jschall » Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:59 am

I have a strange problem with my brand-new Sony NSZ-GS7, and I hope I can get it fixed soon.

I went through the installation procedure, and at one point after completion it gave me a notification that an update of the firmware was available (I am in Canada, if that makes a difference). When I check the firmware version, it says 3.2.

My problem is, when I connect my WD Mybook 1 TB USB hard disk, I get the notification that it is being prepared (I can see the drive's activity light flashing), then a new notification that the drive has been synced. Then the screen goes dark blue, and the remote stops working. I have to power down/up to reboot, the UI works for a while, but before I can browse the HD with ES File Explorer, the UI crashes again.

If I power down and replace the MyBook with an 8Gb Sandisk USB key, the GS7 reboots with no problem, I get the notifications that the Sandisk is being prepared and synced, and I can browse the Sandisk with ES. The UI is otherwise working well, I can play live tv, browse with Chrome, play files from the Sandisk, download from Google Play, and so on.

It is as if my GS7 is incompatible with the MyBook.

I called Sony Canada support, but they don't work on Saturday.

Has anybody seen or heard of a problem like this?

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