After Sony screen TV goes blank

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After Sony screen TV goes blank

Post by u156531 » Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:38 pm

I've got an older Mitsubishi HDTV with no HDMI input. I have a Sony BDP S580 bluray plaver that works through an HDMI to Component converter on this TV. I'm using this converter with the NSZ-GS7 on this TV. I've changed the setting on the NSZ-GS7 to the same as the bluray player but after the Sony screen appears the screen goes blank. I've tried all of the different NSZ-GS7 display setting with no luck. The Sony screen is seems to be displayed at 480P. On an unrooted NSZ-GS7 is there a way to lower the resolution to 480P?

Thanks, Mark

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