LG 47g2 and 55g2 wiki page created

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LG 47g2 and 55g2 wiki page created

Post by zenofex »

Hey everyone, I've created a page for the 47g2 and 55g2 on the wiki. Unfortunately none of us in the group currently have the device so we are hoping someone in the community will begin to populate the page with info. Just a few things we need are:

Pictures of the board and internals.
CPU, GPU, Memory, Internal Storage info
Instructions and pictures to get to the recovery menu's
Anything else of interest on the device.

The page can be found at:
http://gtvhacker.com/index.php/LG_47G2/ ... ternet_TV)

Bitcoin donations can be sent to:
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Re: LG 47g2 and 55g2 wiki page created

Post by Jiveturkey »

I just picked one up. Let me know if there is any info I can provide that might help. Just by surfing around the web and the settings on the TV it says it has 2.09GB of internal storage and a Dual core L9 CPU.
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