LG TV is finally out in stores.

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Re: LG TV is finally out in stores.

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jarrettv wrote:I did a video review of the TV. Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions.

Special thanks for video formats review!
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Re: LG TV is finally out in stores.

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Just picked up a lg55g2 for $1199 yesterday at frys. I like it. I really wish I had hulu plus on it.
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Hulu + on GTV

Post by ameagari »

There is a way to watch Hulu Plus on it. We bought the same TV. You will need a computer but don't worry, I am not talking about hooking the TV up to the computer.

There are several options that claim to work, but the only one I have found that works is called Playon. You download playon to your PC, and then run it as a server. That's it! After that all you have to do is run the server on your PC when you want to use the TV fr Hulu.

So turn on the PC, run the server software, then go to your TV. Power it on and you browse to a webpage, I think g.playon.tv is the correct one, but playon's website should give the instructions. Bookmark the playon website so it's easy to get to in future.

You don't need to touch the pc once you have the server running. All navigation can be done through the TV. Admittedly the GUI is a bit of a pain-- not as easy to use as a dedicated Hulu Plus app would be.

The only downside is it is not free. You can pay a lifetime subcription of $70 and get a free roku box to keep or ebay, or pay $20 a year. After buying a 1200 TV another $70 to make it run Hulu + isn't the worst thing right?

If you try it, let me know how it works for you! Maybe you can help me with other issues I am having with this thing :P
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Re: LG TV is finally out in stores.

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Any body has done anything yet with this 47-55g2 please let me know guys, am about to make a purchase and I will like to know if at this time this tv is worth it,I will like to know if we will be getting updates and all that great stuff the we get in a smart phone? like root!!!, thanks in advance...
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