tv up to hdmi video

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tv up to hdmi video

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How to hook my tv up to hdmi video but composite audio for surround sound? I have a Vizio hdtv and I want to keep the HDMI video but run composite audio to my surround sound. Is there a way to do this? I've tried everything and nothing worked. My friend did the same thing when he brought his tv over and it worked fine.
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Re: tv up to hdmi video

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i have an old surround system(only hdmi out, no in) and a visio.
my set up. logitec hdmi to tv. from the tv i have the optical audio (tos link) out to my surround. Set the the surround to the proper input for the sound. Within the logitech (GTV Settings > Picture & sound >) play with the settings. Not at home so i am not sure what settings.
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