Streaming from PC: Best Software/Formats to Rip???

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Re: Streaming from PC: Best Software/Formats to Rip???

Post by n1nj4Lo » Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:44 pm

As far as streaming goes, for your home network and as well as your cellular mobile data connection I'd have to say for sure Plex, PlexPass and Plex Media Server...

I love it, it beats the ever living crap out of what PlayOn tries to offer which is technically the same thing, but Plex has a much nicer UI, better help and a cheaper price almost half the cost of PlayOn. If ya can get PlayOn working their only advantage is a much larger list of Plugin Channels, but a lot of them are outdated.

Plex also offers media conversion and upscaling so to speak, it'll let you choose which resolution to play whatever in. It's also played any format I throw at it so far, I might add.

I've got Plex set up on my Revue and Note 2, on my Note 2 when I'm away from my home network I'm still able to view my shared media and streamed internet channels on my Plex Media Server at home through my cellphone carriers data plan.

That's a huge plus for me, almost makes needing a sd card to store media on unnecessary...

For anyone asking and wondering about Streaming over Cellular Mobile Data Connection see here:

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Re: Streaming from PC: Best Software/Formats to Rip???

Post by parrotheadmjb » Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:42 pm

Has anyone tried using VLC on their Revue; it seems like this *should* hopefully work somewhat...

Granted I haven't tried it on my Revue yet; I will in the next couple days when I have time... but I've been using the VLC nightly armv7 builds on my Samsung Galaxy S4 (it's not available in the Play Store in the United States); it works EXCELLENT for every movie/video I've tried. I just realized today that they've recently (probably in the past 3 months) started compiling an x86 android build on their server as well... if nobody else tries in in the next few days, I'll post an update in here of my results with it. Thankfully they compile it for us, I compiled VLC for android one time... took hours upon hours on my old old laptop once I worked the kinks many, many, many kinks in the scripts.

edit: sorry I just realized this prob a little off topic since this isn't streaming, but I hate to start a new thread

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