Chromemote: The Google TV Remote That Lives in Chrome

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Chromemote: The Google TV Remote That Lives in Chrome

Post by RobertDaleSmith »

I developed a Google Chrome extension that enables Linux, Mac, and Windows systems running Chrome to have full control of their Google TV devices. I have a lot of work to left to fulfill my complete vision of Chromemote. Because of numerous requests, I have released the first public BETA version to the Chrome Web Store.

Currently Chromemote supports:
  • Pairing to multiple Google TV devices
  • Custom Device Names
  • Full Keyboard Input
  • On-screen Touchpad
  • Fling current Chrome tab to GTV
In the future I will be adding:
  • Rearrangeable Button Panels
  • Customizable Buttons
  • Custom Skinning
  • Button Macros
  • Voice Search
  • and much more..
I would love to hear everyone's ideas, suggestions, or complaints. I love all my beta testers and want to make Chromemote the best Google TV remote for Chrome.

Visit the website at:

Download Chromemote at the Chrome Web Store here: ... lclpdfcegb
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Re: Chromemote: The Google TV Remote That Lives in Chrome

Post by Noyes »

Every Google TV I've had (Logitech Revue, Netgear NeoTV Prime, Sony NSZ-GS7) has had trouble with connecting to the remote control app. I've tried multiple apps including the official Google TV Remote app, Logitech's Harmony app, Able Remote, Sony's Media Remote and TV Side view, and Cromemote the Google Chrome Extension. Every remote control app will pair with the TV, but it takes several tries just to find the TV. Then once it's paired if I close down the app and come back to it, the app will take forever to find my tv again, if the app finds my tv at all. Bottom line is: no matter what device I install the remote app on (tablet, phone, pc) no matter what remote app I'm using, no matter what Google TV I use it doesn't consistently connect. The problem is either with the Wi-Fi remote control protocol that the TV uses to take commands from a remote app, or with my network. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting remote apps to work consistently.
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