Changing sound tracks using GTVBox 0.51 on NSZ-GT1

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Changing sound tracks using GTVBox 0.51 on NSZ-GT1

Post by nas_tominko »

I absolutely love this application, but when I use it to play MKV (matroska) with multiple audio tracks in it, when I change sound track by pressing ALT it stops playing sound completely. Even when I change it bakc to first track, no more sound. When I hit play on the MKV file it will play the first (Default I assume) sound track without any issues. Changing to sound 2 or 3 completely stops audio. Only stoping and chosing the file again will restart sound but again only Track 1. I even checked that the sounds tracks are not in DTS.

By the way the same exact behaviour occurs when I rip DVD content to SAN and then launch the appopriate IFO or VOB from VIDEO_TS. Only first track plays with no problem. Swtiching to another using ALT will stop audio completley. Video continue to play fine.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I also noticed in the comments about the app that DTS sound is not supported, but it is my understanding that Sony NSZ-GT1 (Bluray Player) supports DTS when playing form DVD or BR natively. Why is GTVBox not able to utilize this ability?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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Re: Changing sound tracks using GTVBox 0.51 on NSZ-GT1

Post by mcd2000 »

That's strange. It should be able to switch tracks pretty well on Sony Blu-ray. It even should pass-through DTS to your receiver.
If you send me a log as described here I'll try to check what is happening.
I don't have a Sony Bluray yet, but as I remember it has different pass-throung settings for Dolby/DTS. Could it cause your issues?
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