BEst Revue Setup for GTVBox

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BEst Revue Setup for GTVBox

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Hi There,
I was wondering how I can have the best configuration, to take full advantage of all GTVBox features.

What I have :
-1 GTV at my living room, attached to an 1TB Iomega NAS with DLNA server activated, both wired to a 1Gb router.
-1 GTV at my bedroom, wireless conected to the the same router, connected to the NAS via DLNA.
-1 Laptop that I use to download the torrents straight to the NAS and move files around. ( all NAS shares are available at my laptop )
-1 500Gb external HDD that I was planning to connect to one of the GTV and be the download bucket

What I want:
-Use a torrent client to download straight to the NAS ( swarm ?)
-Have the movies with subtitles ( just bought GTVBox )
-Have the GTVBox reading from the NAS via DLNA

What I want to know:
-Am I doing it right?
-Better use the NAS connected to the router or to the GTV USB?
-If connected to the GTV how does the 2nd GTV access this files?
-Is it ok to connect the 500Gb HDD to the NAS via USB? How it will be available? as a mount point?
-Do I need a samba server anywhere here ?

That's it,

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