EZ Stream TV - V2.0.8

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EZ Stream TV - V2.0.8

Post by shwaza »

Hey guys, I'm new to GTVHacker, just got a Logitech Revue a couple days ago and have been playing with it ever since.

I just found this APK and so far it seems awesome. It used to be a paid app on the market (never intended for GTV) but it was removed and the developer seems to have gone MIA so I don't feel too bad about sharing it. Basically, it is a TV link app (from sites like videobb, putlocker, etc) with a really nice UI with full episode descriptions, and it even lets you track shows you watch and episodes you've already watched.

The only limitation I've noticed so far is that it doesn't allow you to use an external streaming player (or at least not that I could figure out). So, to watch an episode, click on the video host you want, then select "Open Web Link" which will just open the video host in Chrome. As long as the video host hasn't deleted the video it works great! The only downside to having to watch the web link is most of those sites have annoying popups which GTV chrome won't block. If anyone can tell me how to block those popups (or any ads in GTV chrome for that matter) I would be eternally grateful!

I've uploaded the APK to the dropbox under GTV 2.0 Apps - Working Only > Media & Video (feel free to move it if you don't think that's the correct place). Please let me know if you've noticed any other limitations, or figured out how to use an external streaming player for it!
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Re: EZ Stream TV - V2.0.8

Post by replaytv5000 »

Anyone know if the dropbox account is permanently disabled? OP, can you share this app some other way? You can email it to me if you have no ability to post online.

lemme know.
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Re: EZ Stream TV - V2.0.8

Post by Edward1 »

There are two ways to disable/remove your account. Its really very simple as I have done it once by myself too. If you're a Dropbox Pro subscriber, then you'll have to cancel out your subscription first. After doing that you simply go to dropbox.com/login?cont=https%3A//www.dropbox.com/account/delete and sign in. You will get remaining instructions there.
Also, deleting your account will delete your account from the website. Your computers will no longer sync with the website or to other computers or devices. However, canceling will not remove the files in the Dropbox folder on your hard drive or the hard drive of other members of shared folders you've created. Moreover, once I had many files of free TV in my dropbox, I wanted to download them in my PC, but I forgot and remember that you can never get your account recovered.
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Re: EZ Stream TV - V2.0.8

Post by jbloggs »

I wonder if its the same person who now has an app call TV Stream also removed from Play Store but can get the app from facebook

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