Listen to pandora and watch TV

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Listen to pandora and watch TV

Post by sposaro »

Hi all,

I was excited to finally get the new GTV update, but was sad to find that I can't listen to Pandora and watch TV at the same time. I used to be able to play some music and hit the live TV button and put on some sports or something.

Seems like a regression. Has anyone found a fix or setting that I'm missing??


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Re: Listen to pandora and watch TV

Post by Discovered »

No, at this time the official update does not provide this multitasking.
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Re: Listen to pandora and watch TV

Post by Theli93 »

1.) The only work around I'm aware of is if your set-top box has multiple outputs connect one of them to a different input on the tv. Then just change to the alternate tv input while sound is coming from the GTV.

2.) Otherwise, just connect the set-top box to an alternate tv input, instead of routing through the GTV. You lose picture-in-picture through the GTV, but the TV may be able to provide it.

Google and/or Logitech (And Sony - for those folks) really do need to provide for this type of arrangement anyway. Particularly for people who do not use set-top boxes (i.e. as all tvs sold in the US are HD now, and not everyone uses cable or satelite.) Personally, I have a second GTV in the bedroom, but don't have a set-top box there, just basic cable and over-the-air. It would be nice if the GTV knew to just switch inputs when I selected watch live tv. It's not that difficult.

Um... sorry for the ranting. I'll stop now.

Anyway, the two options above may not be optimal, but they are functional.
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