Modifying Primetime?

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Modifying Primetime?

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There are 2 main things that I want to modify Primetime to do.

The first is adding additional sources to search for content from. Being able to search for and play episodes from Netflix, HBO Go, etc., is great, but I'd love to be able to search for content on my NAS (maybe even Hulu Plus if I can get the app properly sideloaded) and play it from there. Another example would be searching through a database of physically owned media. It wouldn't play those of course, but for it to have the option of saying something like "You can rent this on Amazon Instant Video or grab it off the shelf" would be pretty cool. (That's not as practical as NAS search but it could be cool for people visiting who don't know the DVD collection off the top of their heads.)

The other thing I'd like Primetime to do is play a random episode. It's something that Netflix is really lacking natively, but I just discovered that there's a Chrome extension that does this, and it's something I'd love to see on GTV.

Does anyone know if something like this has been attempted before? What could I expect when I try to do this? Any advice or input is appreciated!
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