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Superuser for Revue

Post by havikx »

This is pretty much a cross-post from the sony side of the forums. i'm just putting it here for the enevitable root exploit....when it comes out. ...

This is a basic "guide" to getting it running. When i say "guide", i mean that loosely. This "guide" assumes you have adb already set up and ready to go. if not...go do that first.

1. unzip - keeping in mind where the files are being extracted.
2. push the .apk to /system/app with this line:
adb push c:/whereyouput/the/file/superuser.apk{SPACE BAR}system/app/superuser.apk
3. push the su binary with:
adb push c:/whereyouput/the/file/su{SPACE BAR}system/bin/su
4. set permissions:
adb shell chmod 6755 /system/bin/su
5. Reboot.

NOTE: if you are on a myself.... your adb commands start with ./
EXAMPLE: ./adb push

if any of the above is wrong, let me know so i can promptly fix. haven't actually done it
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Re: Superuser for Revue

Post by phlunkie »

when i get to the part of pushing, I am getting a device not found. I am currently researching, but an advice is welcome.

edit-is the hardware usb ttl cable setup still needed? Is this something as easy as adb over network? guess i am the guinea pig.
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