Anyone still looking for a root exploit in 3.1 official?

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Anyone still looking for a root exploit in 3.1 official?

Post by gtvguy »

Things have been very quiet on the Revue front while the Sony GTV has recently seen some major breakthroughs. Have those most capable of finding a root exploit for Revue 3.1 (zenofex, Dan Rosenberg, others) given up and moved on to something else? If so, I don't blame them, but surely root is possible. I know that even with root there would be other problems such as read-only /system, but at least root would be a start. It may lead to the discovery of a way to at least unblock certain Flash sites, which is the main thing I and others want...
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Re: Anyone still looking for a root exploit in 3.1 official?

Post by hiphonepro »

try using sd card to root like the nook just a thought
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Re: Anyone still looking for a root exploit in 3.1 official?

Post by havikx »

I think we all have given up. Its been out mad long now. Dan is responsible for many roots of devices that were, for the most part, unrootable. But he doesn't so much continue development from what I can tell. He just gives what's needed. The bootlader on this box is crazy. And the revue wasn't a big seller. We are lucky to have the gtvhacker guys. If it was gs3 hyped and seller, maybe there would be more of a push to unlock it.

Things were better with 3.1 userbebug. Flash sites being unblocked.

I'll be buying the first box the gtvhackers have full control over. Locked bootloaders are ruining my android experiences on my TV and my phone.

Edit: the sdcard method won't work. There is no sdcard really. The boot loader will brick if anything that isn't ment to be there isn't. Dan simply made it so you could put stuff there to try. Boot loader still stops anything from being permanent.
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Re: Anyone still looking for a root exploit in 3.1 official?

Post by B0NNiE »

I AM!!!!

I am also sad to see this is impossible, and the developers have given up. Since its under $100 and i just ordered one.

Well i found a some post with all the guts listed ... own/3788/2

but im sure this has already been posted.. i dont know anything about working with PCBS, but i noticed the cpu was x86.. i was hoping some sort of community would have this on lock..yknow, rooted, running linux, (ubuntu PLEASE!, i would try mythbuntu too) the board is by gigabyte! there has to be something that can be done.. i dont know ANYTHING about coding in the memory and serial programming boxes but i want to see this box running ubuntu :( :( !! im sad to hear development for this is impossible...when its android powered....
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