XBMC v12 Frodo for Logitech Revue

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XBMC v12 Frodo for Logitech Revue

Post by Ravulet »

XBMC was released for Android OS, but sadly it doesn't work on Logitech Revue (I've tried it). It's because the XBMC app is based on NDK and Google hasn't add NDK support on GoogleTV yet.

I've read this threat in Logitech official forums: http://goo.gl/OLgec

Do you believe that is possible to make able the app to run in our Revue's?

XBMC Android forums http://goo.gl/o3REC

Logitech forum http://goo.gl/OLgec

Sorry for my poor english :p

I've read in GTVHacker's wiki this encouraging lines that maby can help to run XBMC app on GoogleTV devices like Logitech Revue.

NDK Support

Although at present Google has not released a proper NDK for the platform, the gtvhacker team have combined the Intel SDK Toolchain from the Google TV Mirrored Source site with the work of the Android x86 project to provide unofficial support in the interim.
The entire process of setting up unofficial NDK support has been simplified into an easy to use script by craigdroid. The script has been tested on a few of our systems running CentOS 5.4 32-bit, as well as 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Ubuntu.
Since this is building the Intel toolchain automatically all of the caveats regarding the Intel SDK Toolchain apply here as well.
To automatically download, build and configure NDK support first save yourself some time and check the dependencies list in the SDK/Toolchain Support section and then from any users shell:
wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1886948/gtvhack ... taller.zip && unzip gtvhacker-NDK-installer.zip && ./gtvhacker-NDK-installer.sh

This will install the NDK to ~/googletv/ndk/ for the current user. Some guidance on how to use the NDK is provided upon completion of successful script execution.
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Re: XBMC v12 Frodo for Logitech Revue

Post by Liam.f »

I take it the lack of response means either people dont know or its not possible? Has anyone attempted anything along these lines?
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Re: XBMC v12 Frodo for Logitech Revue

Post by jbloggs »

I thought that you would need a rooted device to install work around NDK support on GTV and since rooting GTV for the average GTV user is too complex or not available at all, so no one seems to have tried to experiment.
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Re: XBMC v12 Frodo for Logitech Revue

Post by xantos77 »

Amo Navi-x insted of XBMC for Logitch Revue
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