Keyboard dead but touchpad working?

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Keyboard dead but touchpad working?

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Recently I went to use my Revue and the keyboard buttons are not working. At first I assumed my batteries were dead so I replaced them with no luck. I also tried resetting the device, re-pairing the keyboard (it never recognizes that I turn it on) and leaving the device unplugged for a few days with no luck.

The strange thing is that the touchpad works fine. I can move the cursor and see the light on the device come on when I use the touchpad, but it never flashes when I touch any of the buttons on the controller, including the "click" buttons below the touchpad.

Does anyone have any ideas on any type of fix or way I can circumvent it? I know the controller is capable of "tap to click" which I assume would work to select items, but it is not enabled, and I don't know how I can enable it without using the keyboard.

Does anyone know if a normal USB keyboard would work to control the device? I don't have one on hand to try.

All I use the device for is Netflix so I don't really need anything more than basic functionality (arrow keys and select or even just the touchpad, but I need some way to "click" on things).

Thanks in advance for any help!

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