Stuck in a boot loop in 3.2

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Stuck in a boot loop in 3.2

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Hi everybody,

My revue is on 24/7 however I don't use it so often. I got all the OTA updates and was running the latest 3.2 I believe.
The other day wanted to use it and UI was completely frozen with unresponsive keyboard.
No choice than to plug off the power... since then I'm stuck in a boot loop with the Logitech splash screen.
I can get to the down arrow by pressing the connect button but after that ALT-L and Fn-Left Arrow don't seem to work.

Of course I tried different methods posted on this forum and none of them seems to work.
From what I understand there is no recovery menu after 3.1 anymore and my only option is to go with the "Flash sabotage".

If someone can confirm... because if it's the case then I'm going to donate my revue to you guys at GTV (if you guys are still accepting them of course, maybe you got dozens :mrgreen: ).

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