Anyone heard of this...Zeki Media Streaming

Looking to talk general Google TV, heres the place.
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Anyone heard of this...Zeki Media Streaming

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I picked up this up at walmart for $88 it's running ICS and I have full access to the play store. once it's setup you can set it up just like your tab or phone, even add widgets.

I can get access to all my stuff like FB, google music, netflix, crackle. hulu isn't working though. I'm hoping this can be rooted.

The keyboard is nice and simple and not as bulky as my vizio costar

The listed specs are:
Android 4.0.4
HDMI out
2 USB posts
SD card slot
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
4 GB flash memory

And it looks like it includes:
Remote (Appears to have a full QWERTY keyboard)
HDMI cable
Power adapter

here's a pic of what it looks like also
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