See you when Honeycomb is released (hopefully!)

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See you when Honeycomb is released (hopefully!)

Post by aperry » Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:46 am

I just returned my Revue. It has so much potential and I really hope the official version of Honeycomb addresses some shortcomings. My requirements centered mostly around local (network) media streaming. I can live with DLNA, but I just can't deal with the lack of DTS and the terrible Logitech Media Player. I absolutely love the HDMI passthrough architecture and I'm really hoping to come back whenever these things get cleaned up. At $99 it really is a bargain, but if it can't meet my requirements then it's hard to justify even at that price.

I'm currently playing around with the Boxee Box. Like the Revue, it was a flop when it launched last fall. But it's been steadily updated and it seems pretty solid to me. It's a far more capable media player, however its architecture doesn't have as much potential compared to the Revue, and it's double the price (unfortunately). As soon as Plex is fully functional in the Revue (including DTS) then I'll be back!!

Good luck guys, I hope I helped one or two people in other threads with my advice on DLNA servers. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out now that the SDK is released! Cheers.

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