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808Festival2020 The most organized for the new normal era, carrying an army of real DJs, competing in 2 stages

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:08 pm
by limited

808Festival2020 The most organized for the New Normal era, bringing the real DJs to two stages, RARE Thailand 2020 & Rave Culture for the first time.

It's back for the most awaited EDM festival of the year !! 808 Festival 2020 festival guaranteed by Hard-[fish-sticks] promoter like Retox Sessions, party promoter Electronic music Leading in Thailand This year, we are proud to announce the list of the world's best artists who have come to make their สล็อต debut songs. The first complete festival in Southeast Asia, after entering the New-Normal era, also created a buzz for the people EDM screams non-stop when it reveals the most powerful Line Up, 2 separate stages, come to compete with each other, with the first day meeting RARE Thailand 2020 (Rare Thailand 2020) and the second day with RAVE CULTURE (Rave Culture) by in This year, the event will be held on 11-12 December at Nong Nooch Garden Pattaya to support Thai tourism for all of the 808 international DJs and fans. The atmosphere of the sea city like Pattaya as well.


Launched Line up 808 on the first day with Stage Host “RARE Thailand 2020” led by Carnage (CARNES), the brand owner. RARE that !!! This event, Carnage, even posted it on social media personally that Is returning as a DJ for the first festival of the year. After his Covid event ever Along with the multitude of artists that Carnage brought to Thailand on December 11th, led by Carnage x Kayzo (Carnage x Kayzo), 4B (Four Bee), K? D (Quet. Sunday, December 12 with Stage Host "RAVE CULTURE" for RAVE fans. Meet world-class artists led by W&W (W&W). Blew), Andrew Rayel (Andrew Rayel), Kevu (Kevoo), Morten (Morten), Sandro Silva (Sandro Silva), Sub Zero Project (Sub Zero Pro. Jake) and Vini Vici (Vini Vici) call you to unleash the power of dancing together as the 808 people are very familiar with.

Although at present, Thailand has tightened virus control. But in accordance with the measure of the preparation of the venue for the certification of participants in this event. The organizer has the operation To be consistent with individual social distancing measures in the current epidemic. Which guarantees the safety of the exhibitors Including the arrival of world-famous DJs arriving in Thailand from abroad this time, DJ. All of them will also be detained for 14 days prior to the opening of the state policy.