Can you bypass "pairing the keypad"?

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Can you bypass "pairing the keypad"?

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I purchased a reurbished NSZ-GT1 on ebay without a remote. I purchased a logitech mini controller which SONY lists as a compatible remote and it was a lot cheaper than the SONY (I'm on a tight budget). Well when I start up the system it tries to pair the sony remote with the system. Since I don't have the SONY remote it just stays there. I can use the trackpad to move the cursor on the screen with the logitech remote. I can crtl-alt-del it to restart, hit the tv button to bring up a screen to set up the IR blaster, use the trackpad as I said, so I know the Logitech is working, but I can't get past the pairing screen.
Is there another way? Maybe thru the recovery mode screen? Or do I have to buy a SONY remote?

Thanks in advance! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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