Help with UART process

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Help with UART process

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the wiring part the nano jst piece just looks like wires the uart adapter looks like to me only what i really need but could be wrong found this on ebay seems all would need to get this done. Im stuck on the old root and want to fix it now ... 2a1d6bf932

what you guys think?
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Re: Help with UART process

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That adapter will probably work but the part ships from China so it'll be a while before you get it. I have experience in buying stuff from China on e-Bay and a set of screen protectors for my phone only cost $.99 they also took just over 4 weeks to get here. Other things I have ordered directly from China have taken a while as well, just not over 4 weeks. I'd say 2 weeks would be the minimum time that you'd see it. I purchased an adapter from Amazon ... s=USB+UART
Cost a few bucks more but I got it in 2 days. I took a few photos and shared them publicly on my Google+ Note, do not connect the VCC connection (thanks to zenofex). When using Putty console in Windows 7 64bit with VCC connected you'll just get garbage on the console, maybe it'll be ok in Linux but I can't comment on that. Anyways without the VCC connected everything worked out great. ... 4051936833

You can also check out the posts from when I was asking questions on this ... html#p6497

Hope this Helps :D
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