Google TV is STUCK on menu. Won't move! Can't watch TV etc.

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Google TV is STUCK on menu. Won't move! Can't watch TV etc.

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Please, please help! Last night I was watching Youtube videos on the Sony Google TV. I was letting the app just play from video to video. At one point I came across what was likely an illegally posted episode of a TV show. The video kept stopping and saying things like "This video is not allowed on YouTube due to Copyright. Click Below to see full video," etc etc. I kept trying to exit the youTube app, but whatever hack posted the video put something in it that wouldn't let me out. Finally I decided to turn off my TV and turn it back on again. This brought me to the start screen menu but I am not able to move from selection to selection or even enter the default selected "All Apps" option. I tried unplugging the HDMI overnight to disconnect form the internet. Nothing. Help! It ain't even my TV, really. It's my girlfriend's and I want to live! I want to live!

It's not the batteries in the remote, either. I just tried changing them and the cursor appears when I use the righthand side ...ya know, circular remote control key thingy. But that's all that happens. I can't toggle between the apps, can't bring up the menu, can't bring up Google search, nothing.




The TV is actually called SONY NSX-32GT1
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