[Deodex] NSX-##GT1

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[Deodex] NSX-##GT1

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Note/Warning: This has only been tested on the NSX-46GT1. It should work on all Asura Devices (Sony Google TV)
This is a Deodexed image of /system/app, and /system/framework.

You must already be rooted, and running an insecure kernel (If you adb into your tv you see the '#' symbol meaning you are on a root session.)
You must have a computer connected to the same wired/wireless network as your TV.
You should be running Software Version: 3.2

Download the deodexed system files/installer package from here: http://www.cheatersedge.org/android/NSX ... Deodex.zip
Configure adb over network. Set it to the ip of your computer *Hint* ipconfig/ifconfig.

Windows Users:
1. Unzip GTVDeodex.zip, and open a command prompt.
2. Execute: adb connect <ip of your google tv>
3. Then run install.bat
4. Wait for your google TV to reboot. (it will take a while)
5. ???
6. Profit

Linux Users:
1. Unzip GTVDeodex.zip, and look at the install.bat file.
2. You should be able to figure out what to do from here.

Congratulations. You now have a deodexed system. You can now modify files in /system/framework/ and /system/app/
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Re: [Deodex] NSX-##GT1

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Which release is this from? 20120520 or 20120917? or something older?
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