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Known Issues

Post by joedeveloper » Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:04 am

Feel free to post any issues or bugs that you have found, just as a way for everyone to know it's not just them.

Probably the most noticeable bug found:

1. [SIGNIFICANT] [UI] Black on black text
Seen mostly on textboxes such as the Pandora Login, Google Chrome "Save This Password" notification
2. [MINOR] [UI] Clear notifications, doesn't always clear the number in the notifications icon
3. [MINOR] [UI] Box that goes around app icon in app drawer doesn't always track to be around the right icon when you directly click on it via cursor and button, arrowing to it always tracks the box however.
4. [MINOR] [UI] Background on home screen is dim, flickers bright when going back out of an application
5. [MINOR] [UI] Pandora widget elements go beyond border. The "Next Song" button is chopped off a bit.

In terms of functionality however, it seems fairly solid.

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